Q & A

Our 10 most popular Qs...

...in no particular order!

Q1: Can I pay by Bank Transfer?

A: Yes ( Though Paypal is easier than you think, you don't need an account, it's instant and it takes most cards!

Q2: Can I order less than 12 cupcakes?

A: No. Regretfully, with your order being crafted for you and you alone, it's not commercially viable for Luc & Lucy's Cupcakes' business model.

Q3: Can we freeze your cupcakes?

A: Yes.

Q4: Do you do special diet cupcakes?

A: Yes. We love the challenge and get these orders very often (there's small extra charge).

Q5: Can you use your usual decorations on Red Velvet cupcakes?

A: No. The frosting is too soft and sugar craft might not hold out.

Q6: Do you do fresh cream frosting or fresh fruits?

A: Not at present, sorry.

Q7: Do you do cakes buttercream finish (no fondant)/ 'naked cakes'?

A: Yes, Yes, Yes. Love them!

Q8: Do you do children's party Cakes?

A: Yes.

Q9: Do you still do lessons?

A: Not as a rule, but you can take a look at our LEARNING CENTRE for some video tutorials.

Q10: Are you a 'One Man Band' or a team?

A: A bit of both. I do most of it, but 3 passionate cupcakers free-lance for me here and there.